‘Oh Lucy!’: How did you ‘You Were Never Really Here’ and ‘Support the Girls’ get overlooked in 2018?

(L to R) Koji Yakusho, Josh Hartnett and Shinobu Terajima in English School in OH LUCY
Josh Hartnett gives the best performance of his career in “Oh Lucy!”

Every year it happens. An outstanding film appears early in a particular year and then gets overlooked in the avalanche of hyped features vying for a best-of-the-year title.

So let’s correct a few of those wrongs. Here then are a number of films unfairly passed up either by audiences or critics in year-end roundups.

And before jumping in consider this: “Oh Lucy!” has a 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. As does “A Moment in the Reeds.”

Here are some films worth seeking out.