Cinequest 2020: Don’t miss ‘Small Time,’ ‘Faraway Eyes,’ ‘Breaking Fast,’ ‘The Night’ on its final day

Breaking Fast 01By Randy Myers

It’s the final day of Cinequest due to the Coronavirus. Sadly, the closing night film with Jesse Eisenberg — “Resistance” — won’t be shown. I love that film. 

Here then are my recommendations on what to see today in San Jose:

“Opposite Directions”: A sexy melodrama about love and lust. Gorgeous stars and gorgeous settings.

“Watch Me Kill”: Woefully underrated thriller featuring a female assassin in the Philippines and the young girl who becomes her surrogate daughter. Twists galore.

“Faraway Eyes”: Inventive romantic sci-fi drama that’s too long for its own good, but captivating nevertheless. Christina Ricci costars. It’s a keeper.

“Small Time”: One of my favorites from the fest. A precocious and optimistic young girl weathers her parents battles with addiction and PTSD. Don’t miss this one.

“Breaking Fast”: Enchanting romance between two hunky guys, one a Muslim with a lovable family and another a charismatic guy he meets.

“Survival Skills”: Another knockout from the fest that’s framed as a VHS training tape for cops going into the force. Unpredictable and smart.

“Like Reply Share”: Scrappy and shot on the cheap, this two hander delves into connections made through accidents, not on social media.

“The Night”: Ominous, claustrophobic and unsettling, this horror hybrid set in L.A. finds a couple haunted by decisions in the past.  Shahab Hosseini stars, and he couldn’t be finer.

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