Hot but smart, Dekkoo’s gay series ‘The Third’ is first-rate

(Photo courtesy of Dekko)  Married couple David (Ryland Shelton) and Carl (Corey Page) invite the charming Jason (Sean McBride) into their relationship in Matthew Lynn’s “The Third.”


By Randy Myers


Dekkoo prides itself on being THE streaming service for gay men. They firm up that claim with their latest series, the sensual and addictive “The Third.” 

Creator/writer Matthew Lynn, who also directs the WTF season finale, tantalizes with the sexy promise of a triad — threesome.  And while the premise and the series is decidedly hot (certainly the three leads — Sean McBride, Corey Page and Ryland Sheldon — are), “The Third” is not overly graphic, but refreshingly original, entertaining and thoughtful. It also works as high-gloss gay soap opera, one amped up on strong production values, acting and alluring cinematography.  

Matt Lynn 2
“The Third” creator Matthew Lynn.

Lynn — who has been in a triad — grabs our attention from the get-go with a flashforward scene in which Jason (McBride) — the charming cutie invited into the home and bed of a shakily married relationship — makes a bloody discovery at the Palm Springs home of Carl (Page) and David (Sheldon).

The setup sounds like we’re boarding the rote thriller train, but Lynn eyes more of an ambitious destination and does so by judiciously sprinkling in eye-opening details about his characters. This makes them more interesting, complex and, best of all, human and relatable. 

He also captures, without resorting to hammering overstatement, the differences between the new generation of gay men and the more mature generation. It’s subtly done and most welcome.

The six episodes clock in around 15 minutes to around 30 but zip by. In fact,  I downed all in one sitting, and suspect you might as well. More please. 

View trailer here.

“The Third” will be available for streaming Oct. 24 on Dekkoo.


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