SF Film Fest: ‘God’s Own Country’ is one of the best in the lineup

God's Own Country - Still 1
(Samuel Goldwyn Films) The arrival of a Romanian field hand (Alec Secareanu) sends a sheep farmer’s son’s (Josh O’Connor) into an emotional tailspin.

One of the best films I’ve seen in the SF International Film Festival arrives Saturday night.

The award-winning “God’s Own Country” has been lazily labeled as the English “Brokeback Mountain.” Enough with that. This raw yet heartfelt drama about a 20-something wayward sheep farmer’s ( Josh O’Connor) firey attraction to a compassionate Romanian immigrant field hand (Alec Secareanu) scores on its own terms, and on its own well-drawn emotional and physical terrain.  Francis Lee’s debut feature is one of the finest films I’ve seen yet from 2017, and what I particularly liked about it is how it’s so refreshingly hopeful. A tone-perfect film; so well-acted, directed and photographed. It screens this Saturday at the Roxie and on April 17 at the Alamo. For tickets, visit http://www.sffilm.org/festival/attend/tickets



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