CAAMFest 35: SF Film Critics honor talented director Shumin Liu for ‘The Family’

Today as part of the Center for Asian American Media Festival events, I went up on stage at SF’s Gray Zone and announced an award for best international feature to a talented new filmmaker. You might not have heard of Shumin Liu and his four hour, forty-five minute epic “The Family,” which impressed Slamdance audiences and critics who saw the film at the Venice Film Festival. Hopefully, with this award that our San Francisco Film Critics  jury decided upon, his slow but engrossing drama about a changing China and changing family dynamics will be seen by more movie fans. It intimately chronicles the journey of an elderly couple as they visit their adult children living in various parts of China.

The running time is indeed intimidating, but rest assured there is artistry and creativity saturated in each frame. So glad that as a president of the SFFC I could represent our group and hand out an award to a film and a director/screenwriter who are so deserving. Afterwards, Shumin spoke to  members of the SFFC and shared how much this award so deeply means to him. (The film took four years to make). Hope you see it. IMG_2424-2

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