Tip for trying to carve out a few minutes for exercise. It’s simple, really.

Too busy to start exercising in 2017?

Here’s one way that might help you squeeze in a morning workout without adding more stress in your life.

For early risers who jump on their email and then get sucked down the social networking rabbit hole for a long time, try this: As soon as you log on in the a.m. set the alarm on your phone for 10 minutes. Then prioritize, balancing what you have to respond to with what you really want to click on. We’re human. We need to have both.

When that alarm goes off, that’s it. You’re done. Finito. 

With that spare time either hit the gym, go for a run, practice your yoga, revisit that exercise DVD you’ve got stuck around somewhere. Just move around.

Who knows? It might just turn into a daily habit.


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