A favorite tradition: A half marathon in Oakland

I find comfort in traditions, and one of my favorite annual events — now as much an annual tradition as carving up that big bird on Thanksgiving — is the Chabot Half Marathon.

It’s one cold and tough trail run (a lot of up and down and all around), but it’s also a special event, one that brings families and friends together in the pursuit of doing something active and good for themselves and each other. I so love running with the kids, the teens, the young adults, the parents, the grandparents along those gorgeous trails.

You could say it’s a New Year’s resolution for us to do this every year. (I appreciate it much more than waking up with an aching head and a feeling of regret the day after a wild New Year’s Eve).

Maybe I’ll see you out there at the start of 2017!

If not, I’m signed up for the Oakland Marathon. Care to join me?


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